Choosing A Class

When you complete your lesson application, you are asked ‘What year is the participant in?’ This answer determines which class the participant is signed to. Years 1-2 are in one class and Years 3-6 are split into another class.

Lesson Duration

The duration of each MULTIPLY-MUSIC class is dependent upon the school you’ve chosen. However, all schools will either offer a 30 minute of 45 minute class duration. Commonly schools that offer our services at lunchtime will have a duration of 30 minutes and schools that offer our services after school will have a duration of 45 minutes.


All payments are completed online so cash in hand payments are not accepted. Once you’ve completed your application and it has been approved you will be asked to complete an online payment by visiting our store.

Class Location

The location of which MULTIPLY-MUSIC class is dependent upon the school application form that you’ve chosen. Please carefully read the name of the school application form that you’ve chosen before completing these applications to make sure that you’ve chosen the school that your child is attending. Once your application has been approved you will receive an email from MULTIPLY-MUSIC that includes relevant information that states where all classes will be held on the school site.

What About My School Bag?

Don’t worry, in each MULTIPLY-MUSIC class there is an assigned area in class where students can safely store their school bag.

Photography Consent

As shown on the registration form all applicants are asked whether photography consent is given to HW Trading Group. As an additional safety measure, MULTIPLY-MUSIC staff members will inform all parent’s of photographic images/video that are due to take place and ask that parent’s complete HW Trading Group’s photography consent form as well at the end of class.

Cancellations of Lessons

In order to make our MULTIPLY-MUSIC lessons as fair as possible we ask that all cancellations be made aware at least 24 hours before class commences. If places are confirmed but students don’t attend over 2 classes in the same 8 week course, then regrettably their space on the class registers is withdrawn to make it fair for those students who simply can’t attend these classes due to popularity.