MULTIPLY-MUSIC is a truly unique proven service that subconsciously teaches mathematics and music through various games and rhythms. For example, students could be asked…

  • To play a drum beat and answer a math question at the same time
  • To complete a puzzle, then play a drum beat and then finish off with a floss competition!
  • Engage in various games that subconsciously teach mathematics
  • To go crazy on the drum kit and HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER!

Teachers qualifications

  • DBS enhanced qualified
  • Risk assessment trained
  • Fire safety trained
  • GDPR compliant
  • First aid aware
  • Teacher trained 
  • All teachers are experienced musicians and mathematicians
  • Sales trained
  • Worker disqualification checked
  • Can teach up to a Grade 8 standard of music!

For some math evidence...

The graph below shows an individuals math progression over a 4-hour period, showing common speed progression we see from the start to the end of a 4-hour window.