Welcome to HW Trading Group’s signature mathematical & musical program. This program has been extensively tested and guarantees an improvement in all students mathematical and musical ability.

To improve your customer experience not only will you enjoy our practical lesson plans, but receive the following epic features!

  • Ability to track progression
  • See what’s taught at each stage
  • Receive monthly graphs that prove progression
  • Receive films that show progression (For 1-2-1 lesson plans)
  • Create custom profile page
  • Join parent forums that allow you to speak with other parents who use our services
  • Access exciting monthly newsletters
  • Access podcasts that discuss common talking points from our customers
  • Schedule live Q & A Skype sessions with our staff

This revolutionary service was the brain child of Huw Williams, the Managing Director of HW Trading Group with a desire to increase students enthusiasm of both mathematics and music. Here students learn multiplication, square roots, addition, subtraction, mental arithmetic and division whilst learning everything you could ever want to learn on the drums!


MULTIPLY-MUSIC offers multiple services. These services include the following;



MULTIPLY-MUSIC In School allows students to learn in grouped environments and play on plastic drum kits and foam batons for drum sticks! This engaging and safe class will get all students jumping around and be sure to get learners passionate about learning!

These classes are typically held either after school or at lunchtime periods and are aimed at students in Years 1-6. However, this class also now works in secondary schools as well! Let’s make learning fun!


MULTIPLY-MUSIC Online is an amazing interactive service that allows students from any location to learn online! This weekly service teaches students mathematics, multiplication, subtraction, addition and mental arithmetic through competitive online challenges that force children to have fun and learn at the same time. ALL THROUGH MUSIC! These lessons could be split into various game styles which include;

  • Simple learning completion
  • Time challenges
  • Upload assignments
  • Competitive student competitions, or
  • Graded exams

How does it work?

Students sign up to our online lesson service and register their very own online account. Once completed students can either download a FREE downloadable drum kit or pay for their own MULTIPLY-MUSIC drum set which is sent to your home! Once registered, students can then either pay per video or bulk order multiple online lesson tutorials!


MULTIPLY-MUSIC With Us is a truly unique service that combines both HWDRUMS lessons with HW Trading Group’s signature mathematical learning platform. Here students are subjected to an incredible learning experience that offers continuous game modifications that engage learners and maximize their mathematical and musical potential!

These unique lessons take place at our HW Trading Group headquarters found in Buckinghamshire. Trust us when we say that investing in these lessons will be one of the best decision you’ve ever made in your child’s learning!