Multiply Music was born with a vision to create a truly engaging learning experience which subconsciously teaches children their mathematics via musical, physical and mental gameplay/experiences. These classes are held at our Multiply Music facilities where students will attend 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 classes. Here students will learn the entire national primary school maths curriculum and be taught to a grade 8 standard of drums and/or learn the guitar or piano at the same time! For example, kids could be asked too…

  • Play a drum beat and answer a math question at the same time
  • Complete a puzzle, then play a drum beat and then finish off with a floss¬†competition!
  • Engage in various games that subconsciously teach mathematics
  • Or go crazy on the drum kit and HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER!


  • DBS enhanced checked
  • Risk assessment trained
  • Fire safety trained
  • GDPR compliant
  • First aid aware
  • Teacher trained¬†
  • All teachers are experienced musicians and mathematicians
  • Sales trained
  • Worker disqualification checked
  • + For extra safety all classes are covered by CCTV which can be live streamed whilst waiting in reception!¬†


“Our teachers are integral and bring their own passion and style to their classes which make our services unique.

We also believe in young teachers who can be moulded to be great role models for our students. Let’s make learning fun!”

Huw Williams – Managing Director