Welcome to HWDRUMS!

HWDRUMS is a brand that focuses on musical performance. Here students not only learn the necessary skills needed for professional playing but how to create original compositions and commercial productions! Let us create a learning experience unlike any other.

All HWDRUMS lessons take place at our recording studios based in Buckinghamshire and here students learn;

  • How to play to any level
  • How to adapt and play in both live playing and band situations
  • How to create original compositions
  • How to record, create and upload your own video productions
  • How to use Premiere Pro and Adobe after effects
  • How to direct, record and perform your own commercial and create team directions and event procedures for film crews, team members and performers on site
  • How to create and set up various drum kits
  • Correct posture
  • Sheet notation


To improve your customer experience not only will you enjoy our practical lesson plans, but also receive the following epic features!

  • Ability to track progression
  • See what’s taught at each stage
  • Receive monthly graphs that prove progression
  • Receive films that show progression (For 1-2-1 lesson plans)
  • Create custom profile page
  • Join parent forums that allow you to speak with other parents who use our services
  • Access exciting monthly newsletters
  • Access podcasts that discuss common talking points from our customers
  • Schedule live Q & A Skype sessions with our staff

Before completing the following application form, please review the following key information;

Terms & Conditions
Terms of Use


Once you’ve submitted your application, a member of the HW Trading Group will contact you to confirm logistics and preferred lesson time/date

Duration of lessons

1 hour

Lesson style

HWDRUMS offers two lesson styles, 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 lesson plans


1-2-1 = £30 per hour

2-2-1 = £35 per hour

Location of Lesson

This is dependent upon the area you’ve selected below