Should you wish to pursue grading exams, here at Multiply Music we want our customers to understand the steps which take place on the exam journey. Please find below the expected process which you will experience when learning Graded Drums exams using the official Rockschool Graded syllabuses. Please note that this page may change / be updated as and when the governing body updates their policies.


Please Note that graded drum exams are split into two sections of which you can pick your preferred options.

  1. Grade Exam (3 performance pieces, technical exercises, sight reading / improvisation, ear tests, general music questions)
  2. Performance Certificate (5 performance pieces only)

Step 1) Our devoted Multiply Music team will teach all sections of the official Rockschool Grading Books. You as a customer can choose between the “Grade Exam” or “Performance Certificate” of which preference you wish.  

Please review the following links to the relevant grading book levels:

Step 2) The majority of our students start from Grade 1. However, you can take a grade exam from any level which you wish to learn / test yourself on. 

Once you have confirmed your desires of which exam you would like to take, our Multiply Music team will perform a serious of tests which cover all area’s / requirements to pass said exam. 

Our senior’s on site will perform a test mock exam and try and replicate exact comparisons to help the student / parent know what to expect. Please review the following video which shows / outlines a typical grading exam. (Please note that this exam shows Grade 1. Higher exams may differ, but this is to give you a quick understanding).

This mock exam will occur 3 times (i.e., tests on 3 separate occasions) to give students the highest possible chance of passing the exams.

Step 3) Once our Multiply Music team feel that you are ready for your exam, you can then arrange / book your exam. You can do this by clicking the following link: 



  • Choose the exam level 
  • Click “View all exam dates”
  • Click “Enter now for your RLS Graded music exam”
  • Create a new account and follow the steps until payment

Once you have paid for the exam, Rockschool will get in contact with a time / date of your exam and the equipment needed to bring. All students need to bring their own drum sticks & their graded drum book. All exams are conducted on an acoustic drum kit. If you wish to play on an electronic drum kit, you will need to provide this yourself.


Exam Breakdown & What To Expect

  • Exam durations are dependant upon the exam level, however exam durations are commonly 25 minutes.
  • Rockschool advise that you arrive 15 minutes before the exam and you will be allowed a couple of minutes to prepare. If you apply for a Grade 6,7 or 8 exam, please bring photographic identification. 
  • Teachers / parents are not allowed in the exam room.
  • Restarts will only be permitted if candidates are less than a third of the way through a piece or technical exercise. Candidates will not be permitted more than one re-start during the performance of the pieces, and more than two re-starts during the Technical Exercises. All re-starts may be reflected in the marking, with the exception of a first (or only) re-start in the Technical Exercises section.
  • Rooms have either visability in a room or CCTV present
  • Sometimes face to face exams may be recorded but you will be contacted in advance if this happens
  • Candidates will receive their results and report online and certificates will be issued afterwards. We aim to release results a maximum of 7 days after the exam, but very often it will be sooner than this.

Grade Exam Breakdown

Performance Certificate Breakdown

Assessment Criteria / Marking

Performance Pieces

Technical Exercises

Ear Tests

Supporting Tests

General Musicianship Questions

Performance Certificate