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Award winning "Best Music Based Learning Company" 2020 & 2021

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Learning Topics



Emotions and information retention

Scientific studies show that information retention is substantially increased when our feelings are at either one end of the emotional spectrum; trauma or euphoria. Our sessions focus on the latter (of course!), making learning fun and the topics we teach more memorable for every student.

After all, its a joy to learn when learning is a joy!

Music combines all 3 learning modalities

Music is synonymous with listening, however when you start playing music and reacting to what you see around you, suddenly you are implementing all 3 learning modalities – auditory, visual & kinaesthetic – at once.

Multiply Music lessons do the exact same thing, and students get an opportunity to learn in the most effective way for them as an individual. 

Fun while learning

The school classroom is notorious for being “boring” and full of theory, especially with a core topic such as Mathematics. We support the entire UK national Maths curriculum using fun teaching methods and interactive games for our students – this way everything we do is relevant, but taught in a different way to encourage enthusiasm in the learning environment.

Numbers do the talking

All of our parents are provided with regular updates on their child’s progression through the Multiply Music Learning Topics. This means they can see areas of strength, and key areas for improvement. 

We use the varying rates of progression through each learning topic to drive our lesson plans and what we will be focusing on with each student.


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Huw Williams

Managing Director

Harry O'Neill

Non-Executive Director

Having attended secondary school together, Huw and Harry have been close friends for many years. They saw a great opportunity to further their friendship by running a business together and fuelling their joint passion for improving the standard of education for children at early learning stages in the local area.

Huw has extensive experience in the education sector through Multiply Music and other teaching mediums. His creativity and enthusiasm is infectious, and is the key to Multiply Music’s success to date.

Harry has a vast amount of experience with business development and operational, administrative and sales management across a variety of industries including Construction, Manufacturing, Telecoms and Education.

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